About Us

Together we achieve much more…

Founded in 2022, the Malta Sporting Community is an advocate for the local sporting community. Representing the voice of those who are professional or amateur, young or old athletes. It is a platform to celebrate and support members to reach their full potential in life. To elevate their sport and inspire others to choose a sporting activity that is of interest, one that benefits the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone involved. 

The community strives to challenge potential barriers by bringing its members together, to demonstrate how sporting activities can be incorporated into the busiest of lives. Through our collective commitment and shared values, we envision a community where all sports enthusiasts regardless of ability are recognised for their unique potential, their impact on our local society, and their dedication to supporting and helping others. 


Our vision is to become a leading sports community in Malta, formed by athletes, for athletes. We endeavour to create a sustainable platform to build a community of shared practice that aims to celebrate individual abilities, efforts, dedication and commitment to the sporting community. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to collaborate hand-in-hand with individual athletes and sporting organisations who can offer their time to help form the foundations of this community. Together, Malta Sporting Community can offer its members an inclusive space that will benefit all athletes to bridge the existing sports gap within our local community. 


Malta Sporting Community is founded on ten core values:

  • Share the same passion in the work we do as our members have for achieving their sporting goals. 
  • Embrace diversity and welcome individuality while celebrating a collective effort of all members. 
  • Respect the community we serve and care for all community members. 
  • Voice an open dialogue of ideas between all members. 
  • Empower all members with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the lives of others. 
  • Motivate everyone to make a difference in their lives through sports. 
  • Advocate equality and stand against all forms of discrimination. 
  • Lead with authenticity and compassion. 
  • Transparent in the work we share with others. 
  • Achieve the goals set out by its members. 

If you share our vision and values come and join us!

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